Chiro Core Pilates Personal Training

Chiro core pilates personal training offers a private and professional personal training service different to most other studios…. arguably the most comprehensive, well researched and modern approach to enhancing core muscular health and preventing spinal incidents. In addition to this our prices are highly competitive and fantastic value for money.

There are no joining fees, memberships or contracts. All sessions are by appointment only with one of our qualified personal trainers. How many times per week you choose to train is completely up to you. We have clients who work out several times a week, and other clients who see their trainer as little as once a week.

Our Team

Simone Trigger

Personal Trainer

“Working with, and watching committed clients getting results inspires me…..”

Benefits of 1 on 1 & 2 on 1 Personal Training

A tailored, individual programme coordinated with the in-house Chiro
Supervision ensures correct technique therefore reduced chance of injury
Ensures you work to your maximum potential and ability
Provides variety to your workouts
Targets and improves all aspects of physical health: strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness
Motivation – this helps to build your own self-confidence for exercise

Benefits of Chiro Core Pilates at Ferguson Street Chiropractic

Our dedicated core pilates studio run by our specialised personal trainer offers programmes to:
Tone postural muscles and burn fat rapidly
Protect your spine from injuries and ‘back attacks’
Produce better posture and balance
Increase performance and power in sports such as triathlon, basketball, tennis, football, netball, and hockey (to name a few)
Reverse the harmful effects of prolonged sitting
Rejuvenate the body post pregnancy
Learn efficient, smooth patterns of motion and muscle recruitment
Build long, lean muscles in order to improve muscular elasticity and joint range of motion
Our well proven and modern training facility is suitable for all ages and fitness levels
Our studio expertly combines a programme individually prescribed by our chiropractors with the technical skill and knowledge of our experienced personal trainers

Pilates Fees

*Includes a pre-screen from our Chiropractors
Initial Assessment & Session*75 Minutes$65
1 on 160 Minutes$55
1 on 130 Minutes$45
2 on 160 Minutes$40 Per Person
2 on 130 Minutes$30 Per Person


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