Charity Work: A cause greater than ours

Ferguson street Chiropractic and Natural Therapies has been exceptionally proud with the ongoing charity work taken on by the clinic over many years. Today, as in previous years, money generated within the clinic is used to help those less fortunate than us, both here in Australia and overseas. Our association with UNICEF as Global Parents has been a rewarding experience, and our sponsorship of children in struggling communities via World Vision has been particularly enriching.

Currently our sponsored child and family are in a community of Zambia. Our sponsored child is Prudence, born in 2004. Prudence lives with her mother only and they face many challenges. Most people are farmers but due to outdated farming techniques and poor soil it is difficult for them to grow enough food for their families. With food and safe water scarce, children are often malnourished and vulnerable to illnesses. There is a lack of health clinics and schools, so children often miss out on health care and education. HIV and AIDS is widespread, contributing to the high number of orphans and vulnerable children in the area.

A percentage of fees generated at Ferguson Street Chiropractic and Natural Therapies is distributed to UNICEF and World Vision helping to provide:

Training in improved farming techniques and irrigation

Improved sanitation and safe , clean water

Health issues, especially HIV and AIDS prevention

Support for orphans and vulnerable children

Thank you to our current and past patients who may or may not have been aware that they have played an important role in helping children such as Prudence to have the chance to grow up healthy and happy.