Dr Chris Munro


About Dr Chris:

Graduated 1993 R.M.I.T.
B.App.Sc. Chiropractic
Member Chiropractors Association of Australia
Associate Member Australasian College of Chiropractors
Registered Workcover, D.V.A. & T.A.C. provider
Modern, gentle, safe & effective techniques utilizing:
– Manual adjustments
– S.O.T.
– Activator Methods

Substantial experience in:

Chiropractic for families
Chiropractic for athletes
Twice Australian representative at Triathlon World Championships, 1998 & 2000
Ironman Triathlete & top 20 finisher at the Melbourne to Warrnambool
Attending Chiropractor at Hawaiian Ironman & Australian Ironman Triathlon

Dr Chris was introduced to Chiropractic as a four year old, growing up in Mildura. His parents had seen and experienced the benefits of complimentary health care and very quickly the family Chiropractor had Chris’s migraine headaches under control. After completing his V.C.E. at Ballarat Grammar in 1987, Chris began his Chiropractic degree at R.M.I.T. in 1988. The five year course focused on science, neurology, pathology, microbiology, anatomy, physiology, X-ray diagnosis and the art and philosophy of Chiropractic. In fact the total number of hours study was similar to that of an under-graduate medical degree.

After graduating in 1993, Dr Chris worked and traveled extensively within Australia and overseas, and in the process had the opportunity to asses and treat many different patients and work with a number of Chiropractors in an array of settings. He then embarked on completing numerous post-graduate Chiropractic courses, seminars and studies, giving him the ultimate grounding for setting up his own clinic. And with the assistance of his wife Deborah, a fully qualified Naturopath, he did just that in February 1996, establishing Ferguson St. Chiropractic and Natural Therapies. The aim and mission of the clinic was, and still is, to provide an excellent team of health care providers, committed to improving people’s wellness and quality of life utilizing gentle, safe and evidence based techniques.

As well as providing care for people of all ages, newborn through to 90+, Dr. Chris has a passionate interest in sport and athletes from all walks of life, consulting with the “weekend warriors” through to the elite, and all those in-between. Dr. Chris knows what it’s like to ask a lot from the body. After an exhaustive qualification series, he represented Australia in 1998 and 2000 as an age group triathlete at the Triathlon World Championships (33rd and 11th). In 2003 he was rewarded with a qualification for the famous Hawaiian Ironman after competing well in the Australian Ironman Triathlon. Whilst family commitments prevented racing Hawaii, Dr Chris threatens to return one day. He then finished 22nd in 2004 in the famous Melbourne to Warnanbool bike race. In 2014 he was part of a 5 man team that won the prestigious Oppy 24hr shield, an annual Australian and International bike race where each competitor in the team is required to ride continuously for 24hrs. The team, Pane e Acque, covered 730km each in the 24hrs. Dr Chris has experienced first hand how Chiropractic helped his athletic ability and performance, aiding his recovery and reducing injury. Chiropractic has been  demonstrated to enhance co-ordination, speed and overall performance. It can also help your body to be more mobile and flexible, and help keep your muscles in peak condition. Dr Chris can certainly vouch for that!

Dr Chris balances his life these days with the addition of three healthy and happy children. Having had the opportunity to work closely in a clinical setting with his kids, it has only strengthened his belief in the importance of chiropractic care for kids. The pediatric side of the clinic has consequently grown into very busy industry indeed.

The clinic these days enjoys a multi-disciplinary approach to health care, providing services such as Personal Training and Pilates, Naturopathy, Massage, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, in addition to the Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation:$75
Regular Consultation:$52
Initial Concession:$60
Regular Concession:$44
Child / Student Under 18 Initial:$50
Child / Student Regular:$36


Phone 9399 9659